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What Others Are Saying:


29-year-old FTM patient – Procedure: Laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy


After an unexpected cancellation of a planned combination gender reassignment surgery with hysterectomy, I was pressed to find a separate surgeon willing to perform a hysterectomy. One of the greatest challenges I’ve encountered while transitioning is finding gynecological surgeons who publicly advertise their services to the trans community. My primary objective was to find a transgender friendly GYN surgeon who would treat me with respect, had sufficient experience working with the FTM community, patient enough to answer my questions and concerns and could accept my insurance (which is also quite a tasking).


Dr. Webb didn’t just meet these criteria: he exceeded it. Dr. Webb and his staff are well educated in working with the trans community. Furthermore, anything they are not sure of, they will ask you. The honesty was refreshing. I was treated with such great dignity and care, I was left with a lasting impression of the practice.


The nurses are all very kind and extremely accommodating. I was seen post-op for some problems and they were prompt to run several tests and ensure that I had not experienced any negative impacts from surgery. They called to check on my recovery several times.


The billing specialist walked me through every step of the insurance process; from recertification of the procedure to filing my medical leave paperwork for work. If she didn’t know the answer, she would call me back promptly with an answer. She allowed me to review all paperwork prior to submission.  There is a charge for processing this paperwork, but they let you know beforehand.


I also worked with the wellness specialist, who reached out to me for a pre-existing condition I had completely unrelated to the procedure.


As a trans person with no support, traveling from a different state and never having had surgery before, I had many concerns about embarking on this procedure alone. Dr. Webb gave me all of the information I needed to be informed about the procedure: preparation, the time required for the procedure, potential risks and tips to quicken recovery. Furthermore, he provided insight on the types of questions I should keep in mind when I’m selecting any surgeon for transition. One can tell just by speaking to him, he has a passion and truly cares about working with transgender individuals. I experienced two unexpected complications after my surgery. I called the office, left a message and Dr. Webb himself was prompt to call me back within hours of my call. He would then follow up the next day to see how I was feeling.


One can tell just by speaking to him, he has a passion and truly cares about working with transgender individuals. I experienced two unexpected complications after my surgery. I called the office, left a message and Dr. Webb himself was prompt to call me back within hours of my call. He would then follow up the next day to see how I was feeling. I personally have never had anyone in the medical field treat me with such care.


When I initially walked into my consultation, I felt afraid. When I left the consultation, I felt empowered.


I have no qualms in my selection. Dr. Webb’s practice was exactly what I needed for my first transitional surgery. I have and will continue to recommend his practice to the transgender community,



A.L. Interview —


The first thing that impressed me is the discretion of the office visit; the staff was really great. I was taken to a private room and didn’t have to sit in the waiting room with women patients. I felt welcome and was put at ease by the staff, which relieved a lot of my anxiety right away.


When I met Dr. Webb, he was personable, and confident in a nice, easy way. He explained everything in very simple layman’s terms, especially what I could expect in recovery time. He doesn’t pull any punches, this is a major surgery and he prepares you for what you can expect afterwards. And the way he explained it relieved the terror of the operation, and the fear of the unknown. I was concerned about how my life would be affected, and about sexual function. After our consultation, I knew what I was getting into and felt good about my decision.


The best part was I really felt honored as a person, and that may be a rare experience with any doctor today.


Another important thing for me was that I didn’t have to have a formal physical examination. This was a huge relief, after the initial consultation I knew he would take care of everything.


I wish I’d known in advance that I could have gone to Dr. Webb and have had the full hysterectomy and the vaginectomy in one operation, this would have made a big difference. When I met him I’d already had the hysterectomy. Dr. Meltzer referred me to him because Dr. Webb’s surgical skills are the best, his procedure is very streamlined, he’s one of very few in the States who have mastered this new technique so there’s a lot less blood loss, and far fewer complications. The two doctors really work well as a team; I never felt pathologized; they treated me like a person.


On a lot of the community pages you read horror story after horror story. It was important to me that my surgeon be one of the best, possess real expertise in this area, have a lot of experience with this surgery and be truly comfortable with the trans community.




The respect and deep appreciation I have for Dr. Webb led me to write this, my first and only testimonial. My experiences with him were due to some unusual circumstances in that the hysterectomy/vaginectomy was not done at the time of my original Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS). Instead, I arranged to have them coincide with some minor revisions at a later date.


My SRS surgeon, Dr. Toby Meltzer, recommended Dr. Webb. As I approached the procedure, I experienced apprehension because it had always been enormously difficult for me to even have a physical examination. I’d only managed to tolerate gynecological exams when they were performed by a dear friend, who is my Internist.


So, it was essential to find a surgeon who made me comfortable. I was greatly relieved when I met Dr. Webb for the pre-op appointment, he did not require a gyn. exam. Instead, he led me to a consult room where we sat and had an informal chat. I found him to be very affable, extremely knowledgeable and generous with his time. During that consult, Dr. Webb neither said nor did anything that made me even slightly uncomfortable.


That experience helped make relax about the surgery. Dr. Webb’s office staff as well as the hospital staff was kind, at ease and competent. The Scottsdale medical facilities were comfortable, easy to negotiate and the atmosphere was friendly.


In another unusual circumstance, my surgery turned out to be complicated. When I awoke, Dr. Webb was right there to talk to me. He was very calm while he explained that they’d found a mass that had to be dealt with Ð before the hysterectomy/vaginectomy could be completed. Of course, I was extremely disappointed and worried. Again, Dr. Webb was supportive and helpful in assisting me as I decided to return home for further tests and let that information determine how to proceed.


Upon returning home, I didn’t expect to hear from Dr. Webb but he stayed in touch during those two trying months. He checked in often, consulted directly with my physicians and let me know he was always available if I had questions or concerns. He even offered to help in ways that were far above and beyond what any reasonable person could have expected. This spoke volumes about him as a person as well as a physician and I was extremely impressed.



With all of the test results in, I decided to return to Scottsdale where the mass was removed and the hysterectomy/vaginectomy were completed in one surgery. Once again, Dr. Webb went above and beyond to coordinate his schedule with another surgical specialist and the hospital to complete my surgery as soon as possible.


Happily, the mass was benign and the last of my SRS surgery was completely successful. I recovered quickly and completely and have been totally pleased with the results.


I offered to help Dr. Webb by contributing to this website because I want to try to begin to repay him for some absolutely outstanding medical care. He is an amazingly skilled surgeon and an incredibly compassionate human being. I am honored to be able to recommend Dr. Webb to anyone considering SRS related surgery without any hesitation. I truly believe it would be impossible to find a better physician than Dr. Webb.








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